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Siftheads World: Act 2

Are you ready for Sift Heads World Act 2??

Well your Canadian friends are back with a new episode in the Sift Heads World series! Act 2 - The Treacherous Return has more of your favourite bloody missions and action packed interactivity! Starting where we left off in Act 1 - Bloody Newcomer, we find our anti-heroes caught in a little heat with the Yakuza on their tail. Soon enough this will lead them to Tokyo Japan, tracking down a crime lord whos set on acquiring Kiros head. But our fearless trio will not relinquish so easily!

This new Sift Heads act has even more interactivity such as new weapons, new costumes, a new location to explore and new bonus achievements. You will also find the same great functions that were in Act 1 such as character selection, custom costume, weapon selection, varied game play and non-linear exploration. The game is complete with classic Sift Heads missions, interactive animated sequences, search and scout missions and more! Weve also added some extra material for this second series! You can find new wallpapers of Act 2 - The Treacherous Return on the official website; siftheads.net and an in-depth walkthrough and guide to the missions.

This awesome game is the second of the Sift Heads World series. If you havent played our first episode; Act 1 - The Bloody Newcomer, we strongly suggest that you do as the storyline will follow from episode to episode and if you create an account you will be able to keep several elements that will definitely help you in Act 2, such as your income, costumes, weapons and more.

Kategori : Friv
Tuşlar : Available in game
Oynanma : 166

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