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Clear Skies Elite: World War III

We are proud to bring you a new episode in the Sift Heads World series! Act 3 - Alonzo\s Reinforcement. This new episode has more of the bloody action you like and plot-twisting developments. Throughout Act 3 we will revisit Chicago and its dark and sombre areas of the underground crime organization. After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is back on the hunt. But it won\t be so easy this time, cause Alonzo has some very influencing friends in high places. Vinnie and his partners will need the help of the Mayor in Chicago... Play the game to find out the final outcome of this third episode.

On top of having new exciting missions we also added some new features! You can now customize your weapons at Darwen\s House. You can now store all your costumes you purchased in your closet in the safe house. You can also use stealth mode to hide from your enemies and shoot with a tranquilizer gun if you feel like being a good guy. And don\t forget you can now continue playing our episodes with your existing Sift Heads World account.

Enjoy :)

Kategori : Friv
Tuşlar : In game
Oynanma : 176

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